Subject:The Case of the Holy Smoke 
Duration:2 minutes (estimated)
Some people see the image of Jesus in their toast. Other people see the form of the Virgin Mary in their coffee stains. Over at Reddit, one guy claimed to see the face of Jesus in his hash.

Face in Pot

Click on the picture to evaluate it with FotoForensics. Can determine if this photo is real?

Use Error Level Analysis (ELA). ELA evaluates the compression level across the image. A real photo should have a consistent compression level.

Error Level Analysis (ELA) evaluates the compression level across the image. Similar edges should have similar ELA coloring and similar surfaces should have similar ELA results.

In this picture, the face of Jesus and the area around the face has a significantly higher error level potential compared to the rest of the picture. We can conclude that the white area in the ELA was altered and the face of Jesus was digitally added to the picture.

The very dark background in the ELA results indicates that the source picture had undergone multiple resaves. It has been resaved so many times that it has become significantly degraded by the lossy JPEG format. The edited section is white, indicating that it is not at the same quality level as the background.

If it were original, then the green in and around the face should look like the rest of the green under ELA. Also, the brown stems that make up his face should look like the other brown stems.

It is subtle, but in the top right corner you can also see that the attribution "@5dollarwill" was added to the picture.

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